Les visages du FILM: klaus kinski / woyzeck

Werner Herzog despre Kinski: We had moved to Munich, and we lived in some sort of a boarding house, the four of us, my mother and my two brothers, so it was four persons in one room. One day, the owner of the place, an  elderly lady who had a heart for starving artists, picked up Kinski literally from the street, well, actually from an attic that he had occupied, he had squatted in an attic and filled it up with autumn leaves, and made huge scandals, and would climb up to the roof and defy policemen who would try to arrest him. And she picked him up and fed him and gave him a very small room in our boarding house. She did his laundry, fed him, everything, for free. And from the very first moment I was terrorized. Everyone was in sheer terror. It took him only 48 hours and the entire bathroom was in smithereens.

He would yell and scream, and the only one that was not afraid -- who was just in amazement and wonderment -- was a young peasant women,  something like 17 or 18 years old. She was not afraid at all and she had a tray and Kinski flung the tray against the wall and all the dishes left a mess and I still see her, she bends down, slowly picks  up the empty tray, and smacks him in the face with it. And he would  calm down for a moment, but it was only fleeting, because he would be like, how should I say, like a hurricane. Laying waste two apartments, movies, he would wreck cars, he would wreck Ferraris, no it was not Ferraris, it was Rolls-Royces, at a rate of a Rolls Royce a week. 

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  1. Anonim6/24/2011

    Klaus Kinski...un titan. Fitzcarrado este la fel o capodopera. :)

  2. Mai degrabă, un Titanic! :) Oricum, rolul din Fitz., mi s-a părut mai apropiat de tendinţele nebuneşti ale lui Herzog de a se complica - deci Fitz e însuşi autorul, pe când în Woyzeck, mi se pare că actorul şi Kinski din realitate sunt una şi aceeaşi persoană, ambele aflate sub vaporilor de narcotice.

  3. Anonim6/26/2011

    Ai dreptate. Am revazut zilele acestea ambele filme si iti dau acum dreptate. E o subtilitate pe care ai vazut-o si care reveleaza mai bine fiecare abordare. :)

  4. herzog si kinski
    cea mai potrivnica intalnire a doua spirite atat de rupte de obisnuit

    e un interviu pe youtube ce herzog unde pune o inregistrare de la aguirre, in care kinski urla la el.
    e minunat

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